Finding the right stylist for YOU is key. Here are what some of my wonderful clients have to say about their experience.



I have been seeing Michele for the past 3 years.  Not only does Michele cut my hair amazing but she is the kindest and most professional hairstylist I have known. She always has a smile on her face, takes feedback, and really shows up fully in every appointment. I so look forward to our appointments not only because I walk away feeling beautiful but also because of the amazing conversations we share. My heart is always full after my appointments with Michele. She is incredible. Book in with her—your hair and your heart will thank you. 


Michele has been my hair stylist for 10+ years.  She knows how to work with and around all the quirks of my hair to give me a hair style that suits me and is easy for me to work with and style on my own! She is very patient, listens and always has great suggestions and advice when I want to change things up as she knows I’m not a big “change” person. Michele is always honest in her advice and opinions and will never tell me a hairstyle or cut that I may want is suitable for my hair if it isn’t and that is a quality  I appreciate very much. Michele’s color skills are so advanced that unless you know me you would not know that I hi-lite my hair. I would highly recommend Michele to anyone male or female that is looking for a great hair stylist!!!


Michele is my dream stylist! She is warm, friendly and very knowledgable. She knows what will work and look good for you, but will also guide you in a direction that makes sense for your hair if you’re really set on something. I couldn’t be happier to support her in her solopreneurship! After years of changing my hair colour constantly, (which included A LOT of peroxide) we’re getting my hair back to a healthy place, while still allowing me to be creative with colour. Michele’s dense product knowledge and creative problem solving skills allowed me to have the fun colour I wanted, when others said it couldn’t be achieved. On a personal note, she’s an absolute joy to chat with and I always leave our conversations with my heart a little fuller.


I got my first cut by Michele around 2008. This was the best choice I could have ever made. She was amazing then, and there are not enough words to describe her skill level now. She works hard and takes her craft serious. You see this in her passion towards all aspects of the styling process. Michele has, is and will always be my go to stylist.


Michele has this casual elegance that makes you feel like you are having a get together with a pal, all the while she is perfectly assessing your hair.  Although her accolades and awards speak for themselves; being in the presence of a true hair master is something completely profound.  Who knew that getting a good hair-cut meant that your hair and colour grow into the cut – rather than it look misshapen and choppy in 4 to 6 weeks?? (believe me folks it took me 9 months to see her due to COVID) Or that, my long, curly, ‘wash and go’ graying hair can still be managed with a few blonde foils?  Michele is a true artist, and has this uncanny ability to apply practicality and creation, so you can feel confident and beautiful, without compromising the health of your hair.

Great Hair doesn’t happen by chance,
It happens by appointment.